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Sending to the USA

Electronic Customs Declaration Form

When sending items to the USA that contain goods an electronic customs declaration form must be completed in English either online using Click & Post or at any Post Office.

You must describe the contents of the item fully and accurately and include your name, address and signature. 

This affects all mail to the US containing goods irrespective of size and value; e.g. CD's, T-shirts, books, sweets, confectionary, toys etc.

This applies no matter how small, flat or light the mail item is.

Prohibited items

Some items are prohibited for sending, you can see the full list of items that are prohibited when sending to the US on our prohibited items list.

Taric codes

When sending goods to the US, you will need to assign a TARIC code to your customs declaration for the receiving customs body to process your goods correctly.

This may also be referred to as a Harmonisation code, a Tariff code or a Commodity code.

Using our online TARIC code tool you can identify the correct TARIC code for your items.

Business Customers

If you are sending more than 500 items annually, please contact our team and a member of our team will be in contact regarding International sending solutions.