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We’ve used our experience from one of our award-winning campaigns to help you write your own direct mail campaign brief. This will save you time and money and improve your response rates.

Although the brief covers 13 areas, the clue is in the name: it should be no more than two pages long.


Why do you want to run this campaign and what do you hope to achieve from it?


List what exactly is required. Is it a letter, postcard or integrated direct mail and online campaign?


Say clearly and specifically what you want to achieve and how you will measure the campaign’s success. Include numbers.

Target audience

Define your audience and identify any unique characteristics they may have, not just in demographic terms but also based on what they currently think about your brand, product or service.

Product or service

Describe simply and clearly what product or service you are offering.


Think about how you will encourage your target audience to respond. This could be something tangible like entering a competition or using a coupon, or perhaps you want to generate interest or curiosity.

Creative proposition

Write a short sentence giving the single most compelling reason why somebody should buy your product or use your service.


List the reasons why your target audience should believe in your offering. Include all the main benefits, such as price, reliability or quality.

Desired response

How do you want your target audience to respond to your campaign? Say what you want potential customers to think, as well as do.

Tone and imagery

Humorous or matter-of-fact? Serious or cheeky? Be innovative and don’t be afraid to surprise. Use the physical and tangible nature of direct mail to the full.


List all the elements that must appear in the campaign such as contact details or instructions on how to respond.


Decide what you want to learn from this campaign and use that information for the future. You can test how well one format works or compare response rates among different locations or demographics.

Timing and budget

Be realistic about what you can achieve for your budget and be clear on the timing and deadlines for your campaign.