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Those most likely to visit your typical local business are those that live and/or work closest to it. So it often makes sense to start marketing from your front door and work out within a one or two-mile radius.

Peter Whelehan, the founder of direct marketing agency DMCM, 2018's Smart Marketing Agency of the Year, tips for small businesses on marketing locally.

The key creative enhancement of data lies in the endless possibilities for personalisation and the developing rapport and brand loyalty it builds with customers.

David O’Sullivan, co-founder of direct marketing agency Ignition, saying data should be at the creative centre of a direct marketing campaign.

AA Ireland on retaining customers

AA Ireland uses direct marketing for cross-selling and retaining customers: “Typically a customer will do some research online and then call us. The trick to gaining insight into that growing behavioural shift is to understand the role of direct marketing.”

What I like about direct marketing is that it’s infinitely improvable. You can keep testing and trying it differently again and again.

The man behind the famous Walkers Crisps ads, Martin Glenn, tells marketers to keep it simple and practical.