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Glamour’s Samantha Barry on the importance of mail

Samantha Barry, Editor in Chief of Condé Nast’s Glamour, has transformed it from a traditional magazine into a multi-channel title with millions of online followers.

Speaking at the latest Early Bird Club, the DCU graduate and former Executive Producer for Social & Emerging Media at CNN highlighted the importance of mailing special editions of Glamour to readers.

“Condé Nast recognise that these special editions are a more tangible way to engage with their audience and will maximise the importance of these editions,” 

“Equally, we place importance on the medium of mail or post when communicating with important contributors to our events including the annual Glamour ‘Women of the Year’ Awards,”
An Post's Mail Media Business Development Manager Éibhín Eviston told the event that Samantha Barry’s experience supports our belief that mail should be a core part of the marketing mix, and that integrating it with other channels could bring exponential results.

She also highlighted some of the main advantages of direct mail  :

  • This year, we have seen some clients increase their volumes by more than 20%

  • Direct mail enjoys 65% open rates while 17% leads to commercial activity

  • Direct mail is a ‘sit back’ medium that allows for consideration and retention

  • In the GDPR world, mail remains opt-out while our Publicity Post and services are unaffected by the new regulation