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Get your leaflets delivered directly with the morning mail, design your own campaign online or use our unique network to reach more customers

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Publicity Post

Reach more potential customers by post, with your leaflets delivered straight to their door, wherever in the country you choose

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Our online direct marketing tool allows you to create your own postcard or letter campaign and target your local customers by address and demographic profile

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Use your database to maximise your campaign's impact by getting your message directly into the hands of your target audience

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How to use our mail marketing services

Our free tools and guides will help you to get the best possible response from your direct marketing campaign

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Direct marketing success stories

Businesses tell us how our mail marketing services delivered real results for them

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Use data to help your business

Whether it’s outsourcing your data needs, using Ireland's most accurate database of addresses or finding businesses in your area, these data services experts can help

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